Welcome to APER Solutions.
APER Solutions is a service consultancy offering our experience and methods to help our clients achieve their goals. APER has two areas of focus, Health Care consulting and services, and Software Design, Outsourcing and Project Management. Please explore our services and contact us for more information.

Looking to Create, Redevelop, or Update one of your applications? Using our experience and expertise you can save time and increase final software quality.

APER specializes in Microsoft ™ .Net development. APER is your local resource for Global Outsourcing. Our results driven methods coupled with our intense hands on project management assures results. Tight communication between management and development keeps your project on track.

Our Global Outsourcing partners provide the development experience as needed, on demand. Our combined service can provide you with the most cost effective, reliable, and fast development experience. Our focus on Quality ensures the end product will satisfy you, and your customers.

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Achieve the ideal! Spend more time with patients. Spend less time dealing with the business of your medical office. Specializing in cutting edge technology and end-to-end solutions, APER Solutions integrates services, technology and consulting for all business aspects of your practice:
  • Encounter Processing (or Billing)
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Technology Solutions
  • EMR Consulting
  • Software Consulting
A significant savings benefit to your practice, APER Solutions combines Encounter Processing, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Technology packages at costs comparable to a traditional, billing-only service.
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